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João da Silva

Brazilian, 34 years old, married, 2 children
Av. Conto de Fadas, 180 ap. 128
Tel: 11 1234 5678 Cell: 11 8765 4321
Personal website:


  • Management or Consulting in the fields of Marketing and Strategic Planning

Summary of Qualifications

  • Black Belt-Six Sigma at GE/Cincinnati-EUA;
  • Market Intelligence Specialist with solid experience implementing and managing the department in large corporations;
  • Solid experience in managing and preparing strategic plans aligned to BSC structure and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Experience in the coordination of service sales to large and medium-sized corporations (B2B segment);
  • Significant experience in project management and the implementation of project offices (using EPM) in large corporations;
  • Ample experience in organizational restructuring with process analysis and redesign;
  • Skilled in managing cross-departmental teams;
  • Outstanding experience in negotiating the acquisition of imported equipment;
  • Skilled in dealing with senior management;


Graduate courses

  • Masters in Production Engineering, (COPPE/UFRJ; 2007)
  • MBA in Finance, (Escola de Engenharia/UFRJ; 2005)


  • Business Administration with a major in Marketing, (ESPM/RJ; 2003)

Specialization Courses

  • Management of Project Portfolios (Compass International; 2009)
  • Economic-financial Project Evaluation (Compass International; 2009)
  • Implementation and Strategy with BSC (Symnetics; 2008)
  • Black Belt / Six Sigma (GE/EUA; 2002)


  • English – Fluent (Cambridge English Certificate by Cultura Inglesa)

Professional Experience


09/2006 – Present

Position: Strategic Planning Manager

Position Profile : Reporting to the General Manager, worked along with other department heads in the definition of the strategic guidelines related to the company’s costs, personnel, marketing and projects.


  • Responsible for the preparation and monitoring of the strategic planning, framing the strategic guidelines (brand positioning, target market, segments, target audience, etc.) for the organization.
  • Responsible for the monitoring (Real x Budgeted) of the Marketing Plans of the 42 units in the state, as well as being responsible for the de coordination of corporate Sales (large and medium-sized corporations).
  • Responsible for the department of Market Intelligence, setting up reports and information about industry prospects, competition, scenarios and benchmarks.
  • Draft managerial information to report to Management and the Audit Committee.
  • Prepare analyses of financial and market scenarios to support the planning process.
  • Responsible for the analysis and redesign of key processes of the organization.

Main Accomplishments

  • Coordinated the organizational restructuring process along with the consultancy Totvs, with as main results the redesign of the Business Model and the repositioning of the company brand.
  • Implemented and managed the Strategic Project Office (SPO) of the company where I also implemented Microsoft’s EPM System for the monitoring of strategic projects.
  • Implemented the market intelligence process to help with prospecting business opportunities with individuals (students) and companies (large and medium-sized corporations).
  • Analyzed sales and teaching processes in order to introduce a new system of educational sales.



04/2006 to 07/2009

Position: Senior Market Intelligence Specialist

Position Profile : Reporting to the General Marketing Manager, participated in meetings with the board and other managers to present studies and analyses on the market and the competition in the industry.


  • Prepare analyses and studies on the market and the competition, using the most advanced techniques in competitive intelligence.
  • Lead and train analysts for the competitive intelligence projects.

Main Accomplishments:

  • Set up the Competitive Intelligence Division at FIRJAN with as main result the prospecting of business in the company’s operating segment;
  • Aided Professional Education Management in the feasibility studies to introduce new graduation courses in the state using industry analysis and market research techniques;
  • Coordinated the Marketing Plan of the Petrópolis unit using techniques for market analysis and identification of prospects and players in the region.



11/1995 to 07/1997

Company Profile : International airline with more than 15 thousand employees and annual revenues of US$2 billion.

Position: Performance Manager

Position Profile : Reporting to the Director of Flight Operations, attended board meetings, monitoring costs, markets, competition and audits.


  • Responsible for the budget of Flight Operations Direction (the largest of the company standing at US$ 100 million/year).
  • Analysis of the aviation industry market and competition using competitive intelligence techniques.
  • Perform economic-financial feasibility studies on the Board’s projects.
  • Manage the projects in the industry based on Six Sigma and PMI methodologies.
  • Present financial and managerial reports to the presidency and the Board.
  • Coordinate internal and external audits involving the DAC, FAA and JAA.

Main Accomplishments:

  • Implemented management performance indicators grounded on the Balanced Scorecard based on the analysis and redesign of processes
  • Implemented the Competitive Intelligence Core at Flight Operations Direction, focused on the analysis of benchmarks and competition of the Star Alliance
  • Drafted the Marketing Plan of the Varig Flight Training Center, aimed at selling services to third parties


01/1999 to 04/2004

Company Profile : International airline with more than 15 thousand employees and annual revenues of US$2 billion

Position: Project Manager of the Presidency

Position Profile : Reporting to the CEO, participated in board meetings involving the strategic guidelines related to costs, markets, organizational development and corporate projects.


  • Coordinate projects in all directories, based on the Six Sigma methodology, in partnership with General Electric Aircraft Engine - Cincinnati.
  • Prepare market and competition studies for the entire Varig group including SATA, Amadeus and the Tropical hotel chain.
  • Set up corporate strategic planning, using the most advanced competitive intelligence techniques.
  • Responsible for the coordination and implementation of solutions and methodologies that helped the company improve revenue quality and reduce structural costs

Main Accomplishments:

  • Member of the turnaround team in partnership with the consultancy McKinsey, from 1999 to 2002, realizing marked improvements in the company’s results
  • Implemented the system of performance indicators bound to the budget using the Balanced Scorecard methodology
  • Coordinated the creation project of the Customer Care Directory based on the preparation of Process Redesign
  • Responsible for the interface and coordination of the consultancy teams that worked with VARIG, such as Booz, Allen Hamilton, McKinsey, Bain & Co, Delloitte Consulting
  • Participated in internal quality audits of various company sectors as well as signing VARIG/RS up for the Gaucho Quality and Productivity Prize (PGQP), based on PNQ
  • Set up the Marketing Plan for the company SATA in 2003

Complementary Information

  • Business Plan and Market Intelligence Professor at IBMEC-RJ.
  • Experience in the implementation and use of Microsoft’s EPM and Performance Point
  • CRA active

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