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João da Silva

Brazilian, 37 years old, married, 2 children
Av. Conto de Fadas, 180 ap. 128
Tel: 11 1234 5678 Cell: 11 8765 4321
Personal website:


  • General Manager, Sales Director, Senior Commercial Manager

Summary of Qualifications

  • Efficient Manager with lengthy experience in food and beverage – (Coca Cola and Pepsico products), and with strong direct engagement in Sales, Logistics, Trade Marketing and Finance.
  • 10 years experience in Strategic Planning, consistently delivering results through the right use of people, processes and operational excellence.
  • Experience in Business Valuation, acquiring detailed knowledge through the analysis of sales and acquisitions in the Coca Cola and Pepsico operations.
  • Experience in Negotiations, with Coca Cola and Pepsi as the principal interlocutors.
  • Great capacity to lead high performance teams, focussing on training, performance management and the development of an intensive coaching approach.
  • Advanced knowledge of the English language (last TOEFL score: 600 points)
  • Advanced computer skills (in both Windows and Macintosh)


  • MBA in Business Management, Faculdade de Economia e Finanças – IBMEC, São Paulo, 2004;
  • MBA in Enterprise Resource Management, Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV, Rio de Janeiro, 2002;
  • Graduate degree in Marketing, Universidade de São Paulo – USP, São Paulo, 1996;
  • Degree in Business Administration, Universidade São Paulo – USP, São Paulo, 1996;

Main Courses and Seminars

  • Balanced Scorecard, Symnetics, 2008;
  • Balanced Scorecard, In company training, 2006;
  • Corporate Governance, INDG Prof, 2005;
  • Negotiation Strategies, Instituto M. Costa Curta, 2004;
  • Strategic Planning, INDG, 2002;

Professional Experience



Jan 1996 – Present

Operating in 13 Brazilian capitals, the group employs 700 people and has annual revenues of around R$ 1 Billion.  As it’s core business the group provides all distribution for Coca Cola’s and Pepsi’s fictitious ice-cream divisions.

Sales Director – 2002

Business and Logistics Manager – 2000 to 2002
Sales Manager – 1997 to 1999
Manager Trainee – 1996 to 1997

Answering directly to the president I’m responsible for the Coca Cola and Pepsico operations, leading a team of approximately 250 people, from which 6 managers report directly to me (Sales, Administration, Logistics and Marketing) and servicing around 6000 Points of Sale. 

Main Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the strategic planning, budget and management of all companies in the group under my command.
  • Responsible for the evaluation and negotiation of new business opportunities for the Coca Cola and Pepsi  operations.
  • Implement Best Practices in Sales, Logistics and Distribution and carry out continuous Benchmarking.
  • Coach, manage and evaluate the performance of the top managers, as well as facilitate their development and training.


  • Enabled significant Market-Share recovery in the states Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (according to AC Nielsen).
  • Introduced Coca Cola Ice-Cream (2001) and, more recently, Pepsi Ice-Cream (2008) in the state Bahia.
  • Participated in the development of the country’s first Fidelity program for the Beverage industry (FielClube).
  • Implemented Zero Based Budgeting in the group, obtaining a 20% fixed cost reduction in the first year alone.
  • Revised the routing of salesmen and delivery trucks, using the Planner system and time and motion studies, realizing significant productivity gains.
  • Optimised warehouse lay-outs, reducing loading and unloading times, optimising the trucks exit to route process and consequently reducing the team’s overtime costs.
  • Lead the company to conquer the prize for top reseller of Coca Cola in Brazil for 4 years in a row.
  • Trained the team and implemented the ‘Coach Project’ aiming at forming successors for key positions and providing 360 evaluation with structured feedback.
  • Implemented Balanced Scorecard, improving the team’s performance management. 



Mar/1994 to Dec/1995

Network Coordinator

  • Manage the network of authorized FAKE resellers in the states Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul, while guaranteeing the fulfilment of the goals established by the company.


Apr/1992 to Feb/1994


  • Fiscal and Accounting audits.
  • Audit processes and standards.

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