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Manager with strong technical background and a proven ability to transform analytical insights into commercial results

João da Silva

Brazilian, 45 years old, married, 2 children
Av. Conto de Fadas, 180 ap. 128
Tel: 11 1234 5678 Cell: 11 8765 4321
Personal website:


  • Executive Direction/Senior Management

Summary of Qualifications

  • Professional with more than 25 years experience working in Brazilian and multinational companies of all shapes and sizes: small, medium-sized, and large;
  • Extensive experience managing Technical / Commercial departments, including Quality control;
  • Very well developed negotiations skills and sense for developing suppliers;
  • Expert in technology transference, in both the production and engineering departments;
  • Solid command of the training and qualification of junior staff and grasp of both technical and practical presentations at symposiums and fairs on metallurgical physics/chemistry;
  • Hands on experience in Import/Export logistics;
  • Skilled in providing technical support to customers;
  • Outstanding experience in negotiating the acquisition of imported equipment;
  • Developer in the languages VB.NET / ASP.NET / SQL and user of AutoCAD / Office / Outlook;
  • Understanding of digital, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems;
  • Experience in machining, forging and casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • Cultural sensitivity, having lived 4 years in Germany and 6 months in the USA;


  • Graduate’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management, FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargas – 1988
  • Degree in Metallurgical Engineering, Universidade Mackenzie – 1982 – 1988
  • Complementary courses
    • Dynamic Loads in Bearings: Technische Akademie Esslingen (Germany)
    • Thermal Treatment in Turbines: Motor und Turbinen Union (Germany)
    • Metallography: Daimler Benz AG (Germany)
    • Electron Microscopy in Metals: Institut für Hätereitechnik (Germany)


  • English – Fluent
  • German - Fluent
  • Portuguese - Native tongue

Professional Experience



08/2008 – Present

Brazilian multinational supplier of clamps for the automotive industry

Engineering and Development Cell Manager

  • Answer for the development of every new project as well as for the deployment and maintenance of all know-how during the transfer of the plant to China, upholding all requirements of the automakers and following every guideline of Progeral’s Quality Manual (APQP / FMEA / QSB).
  • Responsible for all trade negotiations with automakers on German soil (VW / Audi / ContiTech).
  • Manage tooling, tooling maintenance, and the inventory of replacement tools.




07/2008 to 07/2008

Company offering thermal treatment of metals to third parties

General Manager

  • Answered to the shareholders for all of the company’s operations, performance and growth rates.




11/1995 to 07/1997

Manufacture and trade of plated jewelry

General Sales Manager

Monitored the following activities:

  • Development of the national and international markets.
  • The specific training program for the Sales team.

Main Results:

  • Established 83 national outlets and 2 international distributors (Portugal and Germany)
  • Increased sales by approx. 250% in 2007
  • Computerization of the company


01/2002 to 06/2007

Manufacture and trade of household appliances

Technical Sales Director

Monitored the following activities:

  • Development of the product and the production tools.
  • Implementation of the production methods and controls.
  • Designation of and negotiation with suppliers (Toolmakers (plastic injection molds) / injection suppliers).
  • Control of accounts payable and receivable.
  • Computerization of the entire company (developing VB.NET).
  • Sales and Marketing strategies.

Main Results:

  • Set up the company
  • Developed the patented product
  • Started production and commercialization



10/1993 to 01/2002

Company commercializing both domestic and imported tools

Technical Sales Director

Main Activities:

  • Negotiated and effected the exclusive distribution in Brazil of Jabro’s carbide metal cutting tools (Netherlands).
  • Brought the entire infrastructure (technology and hardware from American and German manufacturers) for the maintenance / calibration of torque wrenches, in compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Worked on the purchase of imported tools, the import process and customs clearance.
  • Control of accounts payable and receivable.
  • Computerization of the company.

Main Results:

  • Implemented the Novell network, so each employee had his workstation. All operations (quotes, inventory, accounts payable and accounts receivable, invoices, accounting, monitoring of the development of new customers) were integrated through the company’s own software.
  • Implemented the maintenance and measurement laboratory (in compliance with most of the national and international manufacturers) for torque wrenches
  • Revenue reached $ 100,000.00 / month with only 6 employees



11/1985 to 10/1993

German Multinational manufacturer of pistons, bushings, bearings and sintered parts

Sales Engineer

Main Activities:

  • Coordinated the development of new products at Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Opel-GM and Iveco, performing the necessary lobbying with the automakers.
  • Responsible for Just-in-Time supply logistics for Germany (VW, Audi, Opel and Daimler-Benz).
  • Monitored market trends, concerning technology and manufacturing processes, and captured and transmitted this knowledge to Head Quarters in Brazil.
  • Developed new customers, focusing on European automakers.
  • Reviewed, adjusted and negotiated prices with the automakers.

Main Results:

  • Record approval rates for components destined to the German and Italian automakers, increasing exports and providing continuity to the supplies from Brazil and Mexico (the class of engines developed in Germany and assembled in Brazil and Mexico). Expanded the aftermarket as a result, which is the golden market when margins and, consequently, profits are concerned.
  • Tripled exports to the German automakers
  • Developed software for the management of critical inventory, accounts payable and receivable in a time when just-in-time supplies were being implemented and before the Internet

International Travels

  • Italy: Product Development (Fiat and Iveco).
  • Germany: Technical courses and Product Development (Volkswagen, Audi, Adam Opel, Rahsol, Belzer and Gedore); Australia: Technical Support to General Motors/Holdens
  • EUA: Technical Courses (Kenosha, Covington, Englewood), Software implementation at Metal Leve (Ann Arbor), and student exchange (Annville-Cleona)


  • Mickey Mouse, Tel xxxxxxxxx, E-mail xxxxxxxxx
  • Jimmy Hendrix, Tel xxxxxxxxx, E-mail xxxxxxxxx
  • Gordon Gekko, Tel xxxxxxxxx, E-mail xxxxxxxxx

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